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Passion AKL

Passion Church for Auckland City


Passion AKL


44 George Street, Mount Eden
Auckland Auckland 1024
New Zealand


+64 9 888 4562


Passion AKL, a dynamic and lively Auckland Christian Church, is dedicated to spreading God's message of love, grace and redemption. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for people from all walks of lives, embracing their diversity and empowering them to live fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Our church is built on the foundation of passionate, biblical teachings and authentic relationships. Passion AKL believes in the transformative power of worship, which fosters a spiritual connection and connects people with God. Our passionate worship services are designed to uplift and inspire, creating an atmosphere where attendees can encounter the presence of God and experience personal growth.

Whether you are seeking spiritual guidance, a supportive community, or a place to worship, Passion AKL warmly welcomes you. Join us on this journey of faith, growth, and transformation as we passionately pursue God, live out His teachings, and impact the world around us.


About Auckland

Auckland ( AWK-lənd; Māori: Tāmaki Makaurau) is a large metropolitan city in the North Island of New Zealand. The most populous urban area in the country and the fifth largest city in Oceania, Auckland has an urban population of about 1,440,300 (June 2022). It is located in the greater Auckland Region—the area governed by Auckland Council—which includes outlying rural areas and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf, and which has a total population of 1,695,200. While Europeans continue to make up the plurality of Auckland's population, the city became multicultural and cosmopolitan in the late-20th century, with Asians accounting for 31% of the city's population in 2018. Auckland is revealed as having the fourth largest foreign-born population in the world, with 39% of its residents born overseas.



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